ZIPPO Windproof Lighter Fluid 3141

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Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid will keep your Zippo windproof lighter working at its best. Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid comes in a 125ml can.

When your windproof lighter is out of fluid, fill your windproof lighter with Zippo lighter fluid.

Hold the lighter in one hand. Use the other hand to remove the insert. Fill slowly and never over fill.

You can do this by lifting the felt pad to reveal the packing material in the fuel chamber. Saturate the packing with Zippo Lighter Fluid.

Stop filling when fuel reaches top of the packing.


Watch strap turning yellow from straining? Find out the best cleaning solution.

A common issue with watches, such as Baby-G, G-Shock, LRW-250H is the white soft plastic strap, is prone to becoming yellowish over time. It really doesn’t look very appealing!

It is easy to help your white Baby-G, G-Shock, LRW-250H looking bright white as new again.

The best cleaning solution: Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid (125ml)

Simply apply small dish of Zippo Lighter Fluid on plastic strap and rub the stain. The stain will evaporate with Zippo Lighter Fluid.


Tips & Warnings:
Keep in mind that lighter fluid is flammable and should be used with care. The use of too much lighter fluid can become flammable when washing.

Delivery within Peninsula Malaysia, no delivery to Sabah & Sarawak for flammable good.

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