SEIKO Watch Honda Super Cub SRPK37K1

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SRPK37K1 is a special collaboration watch that combines the iconic design elements of Honda Super Cub urban motorbike with Seiko 5 Sports. This collaboration celebrates the 65th anniversary of the Super Cub and pays homage to the original style of the motorcycle.

The watch draws inspiration from the Honda Super Cub, a globally renowned motorbike known for its urban utility and timeless design.

The watch dial features design elements inspired by the Super Cub. The circle marker at 12 o'clock resembles the round headlights of the motorcycle, while the indexes at 1 and 11 o'clock are reminiscent of the Super Cub indicator lights.

The iconic wing logo from the original Super Cub is incorporated into the design. It can be found on the crown of the watch and at the tip of the strap.

The watch is presented in a special Super Cub collaboration box, adding to its collector's appeal.

This collaboration watch not only commemorates the heritage of the Super Cub but also combines it with Seiko tradition of quality watchmaking. It is a unique timepiece that captures the spirit of both brands and appeals to motorcycle enthusiasts and watch collectors alike.

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