Dropship Program

What is Dropship Program?

Drop shipping program in which reseller/retailer not required to keep stock nor capital, to start a business, only to Malaysia

How it works?

1. List our products on your selling platform

2. Mark up the price and sell

3. Customer places order and pay you retail price

4. Goods will ship from us directly to your customer

Ship by Ship to Arrive on Price
Pos Laju Peninsula Malaysia 1 to 3 working days RM7 per trip
Pos Laju Sabah & Sarawak 2 to 4 working days RM12 per trip

How to join and order?

Just like normal customer, you’re require to:

1. Create an account, Fill in 'Dropship' as First name, add to cart and check out

2. Untick 'My delivery and billing addresses are the same'

3. Fill in your billing details

4. Fill in your customer delivery details

5. Proceed payment

6. Pass the shipping tracking number to your customer

7. Receipt will not be included in postage, and your customer will not know that you are selling at mark up price

Why become part of our Dropship Program?

1. Elimination of upfront inventory: No need to keep stock

2. Positive cash flow: Reseller is paid after purchase is made

3. Wide selection of products available for reseller and increasing

4. Focus more time and effort on getting visitors to your store and converting those visitors into paying customers

5. We are authorised distributor of All kinds of Quartz Clock & Watches, Calculators, ZIPPO Lighters, Strap, Battery & Watch Spare Parts

6. You can feel completely assured that your customers will be getting an authentic product

Important note as we are receiving ridiculous high number of enquiry on price:

1. Selling price is decided by you and we offer no commission to our dropshipper. You may markup price 10 to 30%

2. We are not interested to expand dropship program any further

3. Any enquiry for better price for marketing and advertising effort will be ignored


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