You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Q: Is the products original?

A: All products we sell are original. We have been in wholesale business for over 20 years.

Q: Can you send the pictures?

A: You can come to our shop. Based on our experience, we strongly believe snapping unprofessional pictures for customer will not help.

Q: What is your whatsapp number?

A: This is one of the reason that we can offer more affordable online price. Having whatapps support will incur more manpower cost on us. We keep the maintenance cost low, so that our clients will enjoy more affordable online price. Do not respond to message from private seller that claims to be from our shop.

Q: How to order?

A: You must agree to order process: www.jammaymay.com.my/terms-conditions. You can order by:

1) Email me the model you need, name, contact no, address or;

2) Create an account on our website to order.

Q: How to check stock availability?

A: Our contact number is only for general enquiry, not for check stock. You can vist our contact us page to check stock soh.bheng@gmail.com

Q: How is shipping fee charged, per trip or per items?

A: Shipping fee is charged per trip (one time) first 1.00kg, RM10 to Peninsula Malaysia, RM20 to Sabah / Sarawak. Courier is beyond our control, self pickup is preferred on fragile goods.

Q: How to obtain invoice copy?

A: You can either request invoice during order process by add a comment, or register an account before order to request and download e-invoice. You can simply purchase with guest account if invoice not needed.

Q: Is there any discount if buy more?

A: Internet price is our best price for low quantity.

Q: Would price be reduced after 1 June 2018, 6% GST changed to 0% GST?

A: Please understand that we ship worldwide and;

We cannot charge oversea customer Malaysia GST, so price must be before GST.

Malaysia customer, for example product price RM400
Old price before 1 June 2018: RM400 before 6% GST
New price after 1 June 2018: RM400 before 0% GST

Oversea customer with shipping address in oversea
Import tax, GST if applicable in your country

Q: How about bulk purchases for Corporate events gift?

A: Watches engraved with company logo / name / message / dedication are excellent way to reward your employees for long service.

If you are purchasing in bulk quantity, you may be eligible for further discount. Outline your quantity for gents / ladies, brand preference, need (for example stainless steel or leather) and budget. We are able to supply hundred units or more, and provide very competitive pricing.

Q: Can you fill up Supplier Registration Form?

A: It is your responsibility to fill up Supplier Registration Form in your company system. Hiring extra manpower to fill up your Supplier Registration Form will incur more cost on us. We do not want to burden our clients by transferring these cost to them.

Q: How is payment process, and how to track PosLaju shipping?

A: www.jammaymay.com.my/howtopay


Q: When will my ordered goods arrive? Could it arrives on Saturday?

A: We shipped out the items on same day or next day after receive payment transaction. Pos Laju takes 1 to 3 days for delivery. It may arrive on Saturday.

Q: Do you supply products not in website?

A: We also supply models not in website. You can email me your interested model.

Q: Do you do Cash On Delivery?

A: You can come and buy directly at our shop.

Q: Where is our shop, is there any landmark?

A: www.jammaymay.com.my/about-us

Q: When is your shop business hours?

A: Open Monday to Saturday, 11am till 6:30pm.

Q: I am looking for watches with certain features, for example 100m water resistant, thermometer, altimeter, compass, laps or sapphire glass?

A: There is search function at top right side, input "sapphire" and tick "Search in product descriptions"


Q: How long is the warranty for watches?

A: Warranty for watches is 1 year from date of purchase from Jam May May, to be free from defect of quality, except consumables or articles with limited resistance (e.g. battery, band, case).

Customer shall NOT have any claim under this warranty for repair or adjustment expenses if:
(1) The problem is caused by improper, rough or careless treatment;
(2) The problem is caused by a fire or other natural calamity;
(3) The problem is caused by improper repair or adjustment made by anyone else;
(4) The case, band, glass or battery is damaged or worn;
(5) The proof of purchase is not presented when requesting service; or
(6) The warranty period has expired.

Q: What is proper way to adjust time for watches with calendar:day/date, especially automatic watches?

A: The time must be adjusted OUTSIDE period of 9pm - 4am, before calendar:day/date can be adjusted to current day/date, because the calendar gear is vulnerable between 9pm - 4am. Calendar gear failure due to adjusting time during such period is improper time adjustment and Customer shall NOT have any claim under this warranty.

Q: What is proper way to use stopwatch for watches with chronograph?

A: Chronograph watch has Start/Stop button and Reset button. Start/Stop button is used to trigger the stopwatch. Reset button should be pressed after stopwatch is paused. Reset button should never be pressed when stopwatch is still running. Stopwatch hand failure due to pressing Reset button when stopwatch is still running is improper stopwatch usage and Customer shall NOT have any claim under this warranty.

Q: Where can I have my watch repaired?

A: We recommend that you bring your watch to our shop for watch repairs. A watch is a very sensitive precision instrument which requires servicing by highly trained and skilled technicians using special tools developed by Perniagaan Jam May May. We provide 6 months warranty for watch repair.

However, for repair of old watches, there may be a depletion of the parts in stock, and sometimes a watch cannot be repaired due to the discontinuation of necessary parts. Should that be the case, we regret we will have to return your watch unrepaired. Nevertheless, be assured that we will do our utmost to return your watch to its best working order.

Q: Where can I have my watch battery replaced?

A: To avoid causing any damage to a watch due to battery leakage, it is advisable to replace the battery soon after it runs out. We recommend that you bring your watch to our shop to have batteries replaced with genuine Renata batteries. However, we regret that we do not provide warranty for battery replacement.

Q: After battery replacement, I am getting condensation, cloudy, foggy, water, or moisture inside the watch. How To Remove Condensation From A Watch?

A: Whenever you change a battery, try to do it in as dry an environment as is possible. If the moisture condenses inside the watch, we can remove the back, and carefully dry it out with a hair dryer. Or left your watch with crown opened in a container of uncooked rice / silica gel, for a few days. If the moisture condenses on the watch glass, we can add watch glass adhesive to improve water resistance of watch glass.

Q: Guide to water resistance?

A: Do not operate crown and buttons when the watch is wet or underwater, it will displace air inside the watch and cause it to leak. Bezel rotation may become slightly harder in the water but this is not a malfunction, it is designed to prevent accidental rotation underwater.

Q: Cannot connect to website using modem?

A: For best experience using our website: Open Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings > Properties > TCP/IPv4 > Properties > Preferred DNS Server Alternate DNS Server

Q: I have more question?

A: Thank you for choosing Perniagaan Jam May May. We are here to help you. You can email for enquiry soh.bheng@gmail.com

What makes Perniagaan Jam May May a better place to buy a watch vs. other e-commerce websites?

Other e-commerce websites, even though they may be famous, are marketplaces. The sellers on those marketplace are NOT authorized reseller. You run the risk of buying a fake or a refurbished watch. Nearly 90% of the watches sold on e-commerce sites are fake.

Perniagaan Jam May May is an authorized distributor of every watch we sell. We are Malaysia's wholesaler of All Kinds of Quartz Clock & Watches, ZIPPO Lighters, Strap, Battery & Watch Spare Parts for over 20 years. You can feel completely assured that when a watch is bought on our website it will be free from all malpractices.

The warranty is void on most of the watches sold through other marketplaces and e-commerce sites. Sellers send a warranty card that is not stamped by an authorized reseller. If something goes wrong, the warranty of the watch will be void.

You get a free strap adjustment when buy watch at our shop.