Introduced in 1968 and re-born in 2019, Seiko 5 Sports has offered a wide variety of durable and reliable mechanical watches for watch lovers of every age for over half a century. Today sees the release of six new Seiko 5 Sports creations that take inspiration from STREET FIGHTER V, the latest edition of the world-famous Player VS Player fighting game, STREET FIGHTER. First released in 1987, it is now the leading fighting game in the esports field, played and viewed by millions worldwide. Each of the six creations is inspired by the game's central characters: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, Zangief and Blanka. The series will be available worldwide as limited editions of 9,999 each.


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Ken - Rush n Blaze SRPF20K1
Ken's costume and blond hair are captured in the watch's red...
Ryu - Unshakable Fist SRPF19K1
The watch's design is inspired by his classic "do-gi" Judo u...
Chun-Li - Blue Jade SRPF17K1
The combination of blue and gold brings to life Chun-Li's Ch...
Guile - Indestructible Fortress SRPF21K1
Guile's uniform as Major of the US Air Force inspires the mi...
Zangief - Iron Cyclone SRPF24K1
The dial's design reflects the power of Zangief's muscular b...
Blanka - Call Of The Wild SRPF23K1
The bezel's electric discharge pattern captures one of Blank...
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