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Before we look at this new Seiko Prospex Turtle “Save The Ocean” SRPC91K1 Special Edition, a short introduction about the “Save The Ocean” project and its initiator, Fabien Cousteau, is necessary. Seiko isn’t known for giving its laurels to many “ambassadors” and those that are under contract with the brand have been there for quite some years already.

For its latest partnership, Seiko teams up with ocean explorer and marine conservationist Fabien Cousteau, grandson of famed underwater explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Like his grandfather, Fabien Cousteau has dedicated his life to exploring the oceans and to promoting their health and conservation. Seiko will contribute to the work of the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center. For the occasion, the brand has created a dedicated series of watches, which includes the new Prospex Turtle “Save The Ocean” SRPC91K1 Special Edition. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Cousteau’s Ocean Learning Centre… no reason anymore not to be tempted.

Let’s get it straight…This new Seiko Prospex “Save The Ocean” SRPC91K1 is technically identical to all other Turtle watches. It is “just” a colour/dial update, just like the PADI and Lagoon versions were back when introduced. It will come as no surprise then to find back the same movement and an identical case, as well as equivalent technical specifications. Don’t be put off by the similarities because this new “Save The Ocean” SRPC91K1 of the Turtle is quite a stunner in terms of look.

This SRPC91K1 is part of a series of three watches (including a Samurai ref. SRPC93K1 and a Solar Dive Chronograph ref. SSC675P1) that all share the same visual codes. Compared to previous editions of the Turtle, the main update is to be seen on the dial. As suggested by the name of this special edition (not limited, as often with Seiko’s Turtle or Samurai watches), the nautical/oceanic theme is at centre stage. Thus, Seiko has created a new dial pattern on this watch recalling the movement of waves, combined with a new gradient blue colour, going from bright blue on top to almost abyss-blue/black at 6 o’clock – again, a reference to the sea, which appears almost black when reaching certain depths. It seems that Seiko is playing more and more with gradient colours and patterns, as we’ve seen for instance on the PADI Samurai, making the collections even more desirable. This also distinguishes these special editions from the rest of the collection.

This new dial, easily one of the boldest created by Seiko on the recent Prospex Divers, is combined for the occasion with restrained, low-key silver hands and indices. No red accents, no fake patina, just simple, efficient silver hands and white luminescent material – better for contrast. The second update on this Turtle “Save The Ocean” SRPC91K1 is the bezel’s insert, which is coloured in bright blue (first 20 minutes of the scale) and abyss blue (rest of the scale), thus matching the dial. Finally, the crown and the bezel itself are coated in black – another distinctive feature to make this special edition unique in the collection.

For the rest, the Seiko Prospex “Save The Ocean” SRPC91K1 remains the “Turtle” we all know and love. Its shell-like case is solid and well protected. While announced on paper as a large watch (45mm in diameter and 13.42mm in height), the Turtle is one of those watches that has to be tested on the wrist. It is actually more compact than what you could expect and wears easily. This “Save The Ocean” Edition is worn on a supple black silicon bracelet – or any kind of NATO/leather/fabric strap you want to add (that’s one of the advantages of this watch, its versatility).

• The watch is designed and manufactured to withstand up to 200m going under the water, and is suitable for wearing while scuba diving
• The crown has screw-down protection to prevent it from being pulled out by any accidental operation
• 200m Water Resistant
• Hardlex Crystal Glass
• 4R36 Automatic movement
• Tachymeter
• Silicon Band
• Date display appears at the 3 o'clock position


Seiko is not a watch just for special people. It is a watch that anyone around the world can wear and our duty to our customers is to constantly improve and evolve the design of our movements, using Seiko’s accumulated technology to provide higher value than ever before.


In 1959, Seiko invented the Magic Lever, the ingenious mechanism that winds the mainspring more efficiently. This device harnesses all the energy created by the rotor as it turns in both directions, clockwise and anti-clockwise, greatly increasing the power transfer to the mainspring and delivering faster winding speed. Seiko is one of the few ‘manufactures’ that is capable of producing every component in house, including the main spring and balance spring, parts that form the very heart of every mechanical caliber.


We are not just designers who create designs. We are passionate believers that Seiko must always delight immediately and satisfy in the long term. As I imagine each Seiko design, I see the watch playing a role in its owner’s life. It ticks as the good times give pleasure, as the happy times give joy and it is a re-assuring presence when sad times intrude. We would like Seiko to be with the customer’s heart all the time, whatever the moment. We hope that it becomes our customer’s trusted friend, and that is what drives us to take up the challenge of innovation every day.


Seiko’s strength in manufacturing lies in its commitment to integrate every process from the ideas to the in-house production. A design with originality is not a watch. Only when it is finally crafted, manufactured and assembled in the manufacturing department does it deserve the name Seiko. Seiko limited warranty covers defects in watch movement or functionality up to 1 year from date of purchase.

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