Features Applied
Right Upon Activation

To make your website blazing fast, we includes options that provide immediate benefits to your website. These options apply 80% of web performance best practices, so you will benefit from better loading times right away!

Page Caching

Get your website cached right away. Caching makes your site load ultra-fast: the real key to boost your SEO and increase conversions.

Minified content

Let your visitors enjoy the speedier, minified content of your site right away! We minify the resources on your web pages.

Browser Caching

Store the frequently accessed resources of your site—images, JS, CSS—in the local memory of the navigation device, be it desktop or mobile.

GZIP Compression

Compress web pages on the server and decompress them in the browser. The size of your files decreases and your visitors get your content quicker.

eCommerce Optimization

Your eCommerce will run fast and smoothly: We exclude sensitive pages from the cache. No interference in the purchasing process.

Security Protection

Enjoy peace of mind: Your website has a full range of security protection SSL certification and firewall.

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